The first Trail Running Camp was held from Thursday to Sunday, July 17 to July 20, 2008. Holding a camp had been a long time desire of Albany Running Exchange founder Josh Merlis, and in the summer of 2007, when he and over a dozen other ARE members worked at a high school running camp, they came up with a plan to create their own adult running camp. They choose Dippikill as it was a place they had spent countless weekends over the past several years, along with being the location for their annual winter Adventure Race.

Since its creation, the camp has had hundreds of attendees, including campers from numerous states throughout the country as well as Canada.

Below are links to videos, photos, and other items from previous years. Each year a video is created on-site that is shown on the final night. It is referred to as the 'Video Yearbook' below. Enjoy taking a run back in time!

2017 - Year 10

2016 - Year 9

2015 - Year 8

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2014 - Year 7

2013 - Year 6

2012 - Year 5

2011 - Year 4

2010 - Year 3

2009 - Year 2

2008 - Year 1